The Way 2017
The Way will be held this year on April 13th and 14th (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday).

This evening event is an outreach to our community. We provide an opportunity for people to travel through the scenes from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion as they hear the narrative of Jesus' death on the cross. This event is only possible with the help of a minimum of 200 people.


Our need is for you to be a part of it -- to find your place to fit in and serve with us!


Remember, you can sign up to help in more than one area.


Costumes: Not just for those who sew. We have opportunities for people who sew, people who can use a pair of scissors, and people who can fold and organize.

Site Preparation: Not just for carpenters. We have opportunities to cut fallen trees (which includes using a chainsaw, using a chipper, using a log-splitter, carrying logs, stacking wood, etc.), cut brush, spread mulch, make paths, build small decks, build props, etc.

Costumed Characters: We need at least 200 people to wear costumes and be a part of the scenes that depict the final days/hours of Jesus' life. The impact on our friends and neighbors is profound as they hear the narrative from Scripture and see what it may have looked like. We need men, women, and children (3rd grade and up).



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